Plant Protein Is Worse Than Meat

June 29, 2021
Flank steak
Flank steak

Let's admit, we're all sick of the whiplash we get trying to follow healthy guidelines from experts. They keep changing because there are too many agendas involved.

Lobbyists want to get industry the best deal. Meat producers. Milk producers. Vegans. They all want their views in the guidelines because it makes them money.

Include the ancient medical guidelines and confusion reigns.

Meat is bad for the heart. But, current science says otherwise. The reason meat has looked bad for many years is correlation, not causation. None of the studies are exacting enough to tease out a real cause.

Today, we know more than ever about the biology and biochemistry of eating meat.

High quality (grass-fed and pastured) meat is bursting with vitamins, minerals, and the essential amino acids our bodies don't make.

However, meat can be dangerous without vegetables. Meat and veggies are like yin and yang. The real harm here is having an incomplete diet.

Vegetables produce post-biotics that counteract the downstream effects of meat.

Most of the plant based proteins are ultra-processed and leave out the nutrition ever present in high quality meat and whole vegetables.

Ok, but if the protein is in vegetables, we just have to eat enough veggies to get enough protein, right? Sure, but that will be a lot of vegetables.

100g of sirloin steak has 26g of protein

100g of lima beans has 6.8g of protein

I'm comparing steak and lima beans because they have a healthy variety of amino acids.

To consume the same amount of the crucial amino acid leucine, you need 4x the lima beans.

That is the most leucine-rich vegetable.

I can't imagine eating 700g of lima beans with each meal. Eating 100-200g of steak or chicken with each meal seems much more palatable.