Do These Exercises To Build Stronger Muscles

May 18, 2021

The other day I was sent this article (I get Google Alerts on the term "build muscle") and want to comment on it.

Exercise More

Getting older means we should exercise even more, according to the author. No.

We should create good exercise habits young and adjust them as we get older. I definitely agree we should not exercise less as we get older.

All About The Muscle

The article should have started with the idea that muscle building and maintaining is the point. We all want to avoid sarcopenia and the only way to do it is to exercise. But, not just anything, we must do what will build muscle.

What Exercises

As stated, resistance exercise is the way to go. Specifically, compound exercises. Here are the examples given:


Definitely one of the best for longevity and fighting frailty. Lifting yourself out of the water. Getting up from a fall. Both improved by pullups. I would have loved to see a progression on how to start. Most people don't think they can do pullups, but anyone can if they have the right plan.


Again, another great one. This one anybody can do without more than a chair and some space. Can't squat to 90 degrees? Squat onto a chair and stand up from it. Do that until you can do at least one full air squat.

Strong leg muscles helps in so many ways. Getting up. Walking up and down stairs. Playing with grandchildren. Getting groceries.


I'd skip this one. If the main interest is to build and maintain muscle, rowing won't get you there very fast. However, if cardiovascular training is also your goal, then this is a fine way. You'll need a lot of time on the erg though.

Incline Bench Press

Missed the mark on this one. Pushing is definitely important, but you don't need a bench, a barbell, and plates. You have a fairly heavy body and gravity. Get down and do some pushups instead.

Overall, it is a good reminder to keep and build muscle, especially 60+. But, there are a few missed pieces that a comprehensive plan and coaching will provide.

Combine an appropriate variation of squats, pullups and pushups to build and keep muscle for stability, strength, and longevity.