How I Start My Day After A Long Weekend

July 6, 2021

I didn't want to. Not today. I felt sick. I had nothing left.

Can I keep going? Can I finish what I planned for myself? Yes. Yes! YES!

I've done hard things before, I can do this!

Getting Back Into The Groove

Have you ever gone on a long weekend, like the one we (in the United States) just had, only to spend an entire week getting back to where you left off? That's where I found myself today, but I didn't want it to take a week. Time to get going.

Bad sleep in a tent. Drinking. Eating burgers, fries, ice cream, fast food. No exercise. That isn't how I usually live, so it's no wonder I felt so awful in the middle of my workout today. But, that wasn't the only thing that get's me back to my best for my job. Yes, my job. Having my body AND my mind in the right place is critical to me doing good work.

Into The Sun

First thing I do when I get up (after I feed my dog) is get outside and get exposed to the sun. Preferably at sunrise, but honestly that rarely happens in the summer.

The sun kicks off my circadian rhythm. My body knows it is time to wake up and get things going.


My favorite way to start the day is by taking a walk in said sunshine. Most of the time my joints and muscles disagree...for about ten minutes. Kenji, my dog, will be dragging me for the first half mile or so.

Once we return, I feel like I can take on the day. Whether that be my regular meetings, facing a tough problem to solve, or just getting my son off to school. My head starts swimming with those feel-good chemicals.


I must drink a whole Soda Stream bottle before I consume anything else in the morning. It sets me up for the rest of the day. It gets me a jump start on my four bottle goal. I'm hydrated. I refill my body with the water it desperately needs to function.

Why Soda Stream? I just don't like flat water that much. Get some bubbles in there and it goes down so much easier. That's it, just water and carbonation. No matter the downsides, it gets me to drink the water. Works for me.

Tomorrow: How I Approach Exercise After A Long Weekend