How I Eat After A Long Weekend

July 20, 2021

Not quite like a hangover in my twenties, but a long weekend of drinking and eating burgers, ice cream, and delicious breakfast food does a number on my nearly forty year old body.

Waking up Tuesday, my head and body screamed at me to get back to my routine.

Water Is A Cure-All

Repair. New cell growth. Energy. It all takes water.

I try to get in a Soda Stream bottle of water in each morning before I eat or drink anything else. My goal is four of them in a day, but I don't always quite make it.

Honestly, one of my favorite things during the summer is cold fizzy water over a glass of ice.

Bulletproof Coffee

Coffee + Grass-fed Butter + C8 MCT Oil.

I used to think it was weird and I'd never stray from my half & half. Then I listened to Fast This Way by Dave Asprey. The science doesn't lie.

The chemicals in coffee beans (including caffeine) work amazingly well with the healthy fats to generate an unbelievable level of energy early in the morning. Plus, it focuses my brain and honestly, I feel smarter. At least for a while until everything ends up in my liver.


Recently, it has become much more difficult to get my workout in early in the morning. My dog begs for a walk. My son screams for me. I'm the family chauffeur.

When I get done with my workout in the late morning or early afternoon, I immediately make my post-workout.

The traditional post-workout meal that bodybuilders evangelize is a combination of protein and quick digesting carbohydrates. I don't subscribe to that because I workout fasted*. Basically, the combination of not eating protein or carbs since the night before and intense exercise makes my body incredibly sensitive to anything I eat or drink.

I mix together creatine and whey protein from Naked Nutrition. Usually I pour that over Magic Spoon cereal - my reward for a hard workout.

My muscle soak up the protein and creatine (to boost my energy) to build muscle faster. It seems to be working. My latest DEXA scan shows I built 8 pounds of muscle in just five months.

Meat & Veggies

The main course(s) are also the most important to my nutrition. Grass-fed, pastured beef or GAP 3 chicken from ButcherBox are my standard protein sources.

I mix that up with frozen veggies: broccoli, onions, carrots, squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes. Why frozen? Fresh vegetables are picked before they are ripe so they can be artificially ripened when they are ready to sell. Much of their nutritional value is created during that natural ripening. Frozen veggies are picked ripe then immediately frozen. Bottom line, fresh vegetables are less nutritious.

Finally I pour local, pastured scrambled eggs over this stir fry then top it all with avocado and hot sauce. Spicy foods kick up metabolism, help my gut, might help my heart, and clear my sinuses. Plus, I love spicy.

Put all this together and I get

• protein I need to maintain and grow muscle

• energy (fat) for the entire day

• vitamins and minerals to keep my body in top shape

Plus, it tastes really good and is simple to prep.

Tomorrow: How I Sleep After A Long Weekend