Hack Your Goals

Hack Your Goals

March 2, 2021


Find a need that fulfills a want in order to reach goals.


Goals are an unnatural part of life. As humans, we're built to survive. Thanks to modern society, most of us have survival solved, so we must venture up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Once past physiological and safety, the rest of them require goals.


Because they aren't necessary, goals are somewhat hard to achieve. We must play tricks on ourselves to accomplish them. Hack goals.


Goals beyond our basic physiological and safety needs are difficult.


Create goals that not only reflect our wants, but bring us what we need. This takes us back down the hierarchy to basic needs, or at least tricks us in thinking so.

An Example In My Life

I'm going to Hawaii soon. I'm lucky. As soon as I knew it was happening, I made a goal to look my best. Not just to look good on the beach, but because I knew there were opportunities to show potential clients what can be achieved with my methods. Pictures of my results. Marketing.

Sure, most of us want to look our best, and it is a really good driver for me with a finite deadline. It works. But, looking good isn't what I need. It is what I want in the short term. However, it also gets me what I need. Longevity.

I'm trying to maximize my results with the least work; following the Pareto principle. "80% of the results come from 20% of the effort". Strictly focusing on my upper body; sculpting it best I can in the limited time I have. Pushups and pullups, twice a week.

What I want: ⬇️ fat, ⬆️ definition.
What I need: ⬆️ muscle.

The need is to avoid sarcopenia as I get older. Admittedly, I'm not at risk right now. But, the more I can do now to keep my muscle, the less likely I'll develop sarcopenia. As young people, we are generally strong and find it easy to do activities that need strength. Even walking up and down stairs requires a lot of different muscles. But, as we get older, it becomes a lot harder to make sure muscle building outweighs muscle breakdown. That leads to frailty, making everyday stuff we love to do hard or impossible. I want to avoid that.

So, I've coupled two goals into one: a want and a need.

Another Quick Example

My dog requires walks. You might say he doesn't REALLY. Ok, but if I don't, he'll sit next to me, staring at me all day. I can't work like that.


At the same time, I want to take periodic breaks to clear my head and let my subconscious solve problems. I also have a total step goal in a day.

What I want: steps.
What I need: walk the dog.

I guarantee I would not reach my walking goal if I hired someone to walk my dog. So, I couple this want and this need together.

What Goals Do You Have That Also Fulfill Needs?

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