Worried your job is making you unhealthy?

It probably is

My job not only made me unhealthy

It held me back from being a top performer

So I took control and made these 3 simple changes

1. Know where I want to be

Created a goal that spoke to me in the moment

Made sure it is one that will hurt if I didn't achieve it

Mine: changing my identity from the fat guy to the ripped guy

Kept revisiting that goal to stay on target

It made daily decisions easier, like:

Sleep in or get up early?

Go for a walk or watch one more episode on Netflix

Get McDonald's or cook

2. Put myself first

Took care of the only thing in my control - myself

Didn't let outside forces stop me from getting to my goal

Investing in myself paid down debts in my life

Building up healthy habits:

Made my job more enjoyable

Gave me clarity

Advanced my career

3. Dug down even deeper

Most people stop when it gets hard

Got to the value, deeper

When I hit the bottom, the hardest part

PUSHED a little more

Growth brought me unique knowledge

And valuable experience

That's how I became Dev Ripped

Confidence in my job, life, and health

Certain I can solve any problem thrown at me

Achieve what I choose to

About Me



Aimless 280 pound pre-diabetic


3x salary as muscular senior software dev



People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

  • Costs
  • Marketing
  • What people think
  • What people say vs. what they do
  • What the government says vs. what they do
  • How they sell you the product vs. what's really in the product

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